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Mac OS X 10.15 or later
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For Windows:

CLANWin works with Windows 10, 11 or later. Windows installation involves clicking on the installation file and following the directions given by InstallShield. If you have an older version of CLAN on your machine, InstallShield will overwrite it with the newer version. By default, CLAN uses the Arial Unicode MS font, if it available. If not, it will use the Arial font.

For Macintosh:

CLANc is for all Mac OS versions from 10.15 or later.

The current version of CLANc is only missing the ability to display the special text features of italics, and color words.

After installation, please open System Preferences / Keyboard and make sure that the box for “Use F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys” is checked.

By default, CLANc uses the Arial Unicode MS font.

Unix Installation:

For Unix users, we are distributing the source code for CLAN. This code is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. UnixCLAN only provides the analysis commands of CLAN in the Unix environment. We have not yet constructed a Unix version of the CLAN editor.

A Brief Description:

CLAN runs only on data on your local computer and does not send any data to the Web.

The CLAN Programs are downloaded, installed, and used as a single application. Functionally, however, CLAN has two parts. The first part is the CLAN editor which can be used to edit files in either CHAT or CA (Conversation Analysis) format. The editor also provides a wide range of additional functions, such as audio and video playback, linkage to audio and video, fonts for Roman and non-Roman orthographies, data validation, adding codes to files, and shipping data to other programs. The second part of CLAN is the set of data analysis programs. These programs are run from a separate window called the Commands window. The results of the analytic programs are sent to the CLAN Output window.

Learning CLAN:

To learn how to use CLAN, you should focus on the tutorial chapters in the CLAN manual.

You can also learn by watching the screencasts for various CLAN functions.

CAfont be found here.

Old versions of CLAN can be found here.

Old versions of CLAN for Mac up to OS X 10.14 can be found here.

Warning: After installing a new version of CLAN for use with old data, you will need to get a new version of the MOR grammar by running the "Get MOR Grammar" option under the "File" menu. You should then run MOR, POST, and CHECK again on your old data to make sure they work with the newer format. Alternatively, you may wish continue using old versions of CLAN with old versions of corpora. CHILDES data on the web are continually updated to run with current versions of CLAN and MOR.

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